Valentine’s Day 2018

We would love to wish all our gents a very special day filled with all the pampering their hearts desire! We started our day at 8am with a hearty and enjoyable breakfast prepared by Mechelle on the patio of our facility and will be closing at 14:00pm to head out as a team, to watch… Read more »

Faith returns to the studio.

We hereby advise that Faith will be returning to the studio as of Monday 12 February 2018. Should you wish to pre-book any appointments with her please feel free to call into the facility or do so online. The waxing service will also resume as of Monday upon Faith’s return. We wish her a long… Read more »

LEVEL 6 water restrictions

Our city is in a serious water crisis with Day 0 fast approaching. As a massage facility we understand the need for a hot shower after a lovely oiled massage BUT, at this point we cannot be selfish and only think about ourselves. We have implemented signage in our shower facilities, instructing clients how to… Read more »

Why is my hair falling out?

Why is My Hair Falling Out? Wonder why your hair is falling out?  Many individuals suffer with sudden hair loss, and most loss of hair has a reason — whether genetic, stress, diet, medication, or certain health conditions. The most common type of hair loss is the kind that you inherit, called androgenetic alopecia. With… Read more »

Chelsea returns to the studio.

Sometimes they venture on and sometimes they return. We would like to advise that Chelsea will be returning to the studio and ready to revitalize all previous and new clientele. Her new profile will be done on the weekend and go live on Sunday. We wish to welcome her back and hope the journey forward… Read more »

Welcome to 2018!

We want to wish each and every one of our clients a safe and joyous celebration into the New Year. May the journey to your various destinations be safe and may you return with a new and refreshed mindset on how to conquer the year ahead. This year literally came and went and we know… Read more »

Closing dates for December

And here we are! Another year gone by, another successful year of change as we moved to our new facility on Blaauwberg main road, another year of trial and error having turned our facility into a unisex environment and back into how our clients like us to be…mens only! Another year of growth as we gained… Read more »

Admin closed on weekends

Please note our offices are closed on weekends and therefore we will not be able to attend to any online booking requests submitted late Friday evening, Saturdays and Sundays. Your requests for Mondays will be confirmed early Monday morning. Please call directly into the facility on our landline number 021 8366020 for booking requirements on… Read more »

Water restrictions

Due to the current water restrictions we ask that our clients assist us in doing our bit to save by minimizing the time spent in our shower facility. The oil we use nourishes the skin, isn’t sticky, has no odour so it shouldn’t be difficult to remove. We would highly appreciate your cooperation in this… Read more »

The return of two previous staff members on Monday 11 September.

We are excited to announce the return of two previous staff members namely Laura and Leilanie to our facility on Monday 11 September 2017. Leilanie will be a floater between Rejuvenation Studio and our new venue situated at the old Dunbar premises. For more information or to pre-schedule bookings with these two blond beauties before Monday… Read more »